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Gwenie's Pastries x Kuya Ja's

We proudly serve Gwenie’s Pastries at our restaurant. Gwenie’s Desserts, now known as Gwenie’s Pastries, was started by Chef Ja’s mother, Gwendolyn Fernandez, and is now run by his sister, Stella Fernandez.

“Bakers and Cooks, three words which perfectly describe my family. The moments spent together at the kitchen, which usually end up with a sumptuous meal, has made food and pastries a big part of our tradition.

As our clan’s recipes are handed down from one generation to another, cooking skills were also honed through time. Because of this, we cannot help but adore the baking finesse of our mom and the superb cooking techniques of our dad.

With an open mind and an open heart, through ardent practice and perseverance, with the tutelage of our ever-supportive parents and relatives, we, the younger generation are blessed to acquire not only the recipes but also the skills in creating mouth-watering masterpieces in the kitchen.

With Pride and Honor, we now share to the world that taste which our family’s tradition has mastered and perfected through time. This is our way of honoring them by satiating your palates with our creation at Gwenie's Pastries.” 

- Stella Fernandez, Owner of Gwenie’s Pastries

Gwenie's Pastries -- 12113 Nebel Street -- Rockville, MD 20852 -- (301) 770-4647